Toldo Table Features Multiple Layers For Organized Storage

Tables with built-in organization features, like the Vika Veine and this 1930s French Postal Desk, are always a good thing.  At the least, it saves you from having to spend extra time searching out organizers, add-on drawers and a bunch of storage options.  Instead of offering built-in cabinets and drawers, the Toldo Table goes another route, using multiple layers to compartmentalize various items on your desk.

Designed by Mexico-based Christian Vivanco, the table is inspired by the top-view aesthetic of Mexico’s street markets, which sees pop-up fabric roofs layered in overlapping angles.  The actual table isn’t nearly as overcrowded, of course, but it does look similar with differently-sized surfaces layered at angles on top of each other.

The Toldo Table is constructed with pine wood and MDF, with each one hand-built by artisans from San Luis Potosi.  It consists of four layers — one at shin-level for storage, an “easy-access” surface above it, a spacious main table area, and a small “priority” platform at one corner of the main tabletop.  Standing at less than 2 feet tall, the table is nowhere near functional as a work desk, but it should find plenty of use as a coffee table, side table or a media cabinet for holding your AV setup.  With the multiple layers, we’re pretty sure it can make for a spanking play table for your army men versus zombies versus Godzilla battles.

Want one?  The Toldo Table is available from Christian Vivanco’s website.  Price is $200.

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