Toler Union Multi-Tool Brings A Unique Self-Adjusting Wrench


Loosening and tightening nuts and bolts are among the most common chores most people will find themselves doing. And while there’s no shortage of multi-tools that come with integrated wrenches, the Toler Union offers a unique take that makes it particularly versatile.

Equipped with a self-adjusting wrench, the thing can grip tightly onto different sizes of nuts and bolts automatically, allowing it to simplify your loosening and tightening tasks. And it only starts there, as it also happens to be a full-fledged multi-tool that you can use for a whole host of other tasks, making it a potential replacement for your everyday multi-tool.


The Toler Union is equipped with a grip-and-turn tool called the Omnilock wrench, which has a locking hinge that adjusts to the size of the head you are gripping. That locking hinge is shaped such that it locks onto the face of the nut or bolt every single time, ensuring a tight grip that will never slip. Even better, the handle can double in length when you’re turning something so tight you need additional leverage, making it especially useful for those stuck and rusted bolts that requires some superhuman feat to budge. The wrench, by the way, can grip automatically onto any head that measures between a quarter to three quarters of an inch, saving you from having to either make manual adjustments or try multiple wrench openings.

Aside from the wrench, it’s also got combination head spring pliers that you can use for snipping wires, bending rods, and pinching small objects, as well as a 3.1-inch blade for all your slicing and cutting tasks. A full-sized screwdriver can be angled in one of two ways, either on top of the handle for straight driving tasks, perpendicular to the small handle for right angle driving, or in the middle of the fully-extended handle for T-handle driving, complete with four bits mounted on the body for versatile function. Two separate saws allow you to cut through wood and metal alike, while a file doubles as an awl, all of which can be used with a pistol-style grip for comfortably carrying out your tasks.


The Toler Union can actually split into two pieces, allowing two people to use the wrench and the pliers separately, all while folding neatly and snapping together when not in use.  Each one can also be carried folded separately, so you can bring only the half that you want (either the wrench or the pliers part) and leave the other half at home. Construction is heat-treated stainless steel and aluminum, so this should hold up as any multi-tool.


Dimensions are 5 x 1.6 x 1 inches (length x width x depth) when the two halves are connected and collapsed, making it small enough to drop in your pants’ back pocket or stash in backpack pouch. The whole thing weighs a hair just under a pound, by the way, so it’s pretty heavy to keep in your pocket, which is why they offer an optional leather pouch that you can mount on your belt to keep it within easy reach.

A Kickstarter campaign is currently running for the Toler Union. You can reserve a unit for pledges starting at $98.

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