Tomy Back to the Future Time Machine Recreates The Time-Traveling DeLorean In 1:10-Scale Die-Cast Form

At this point, there’s been countless toy models of the DeLorean from Back to the Future. We’ve seen everything from simple playsets and LEGOs to Transformer DeLoreans and more. If you’re a fan of the movie, chances are, you own quite a few of them. So why not add one more? The Tomy Back to the Future Time Machine definitely looks worthy of taking a spot in anyone’s toy collection.

A 1:10-scale die-cast replica of Doc Brown’s DeLorean time machine, the collectible-grade toy offers a detailed model that recreates every visible element and many active functions from the onscreen car. Whether you’re a Back to the Future fan, a die-cast car collector, or just a guy who appreciates fun pop culture toys, this thing looks like it will make for a nice piece to show off on a shelf somewhere at home.

The Tomy Back to the Future Time Machine is a large model replica measuring 17.4 inches long, making it compatible in scale to 7-inch action figures. It recreates all exterior elements of the car in great detail, with the product designers working closely with reference photos from the Peterson Museum during the process to ensure that the replica is as close to the original as possible. Seriously, this looks as close to the real thing as we’ve ever seen a model of the time machine from the film.

Naturally, it gets those signature gullwing doors that’s been an iconic part of every recreation of the ride, along with every part of the car’s 80s-era sporty aesthetics. The energy reactor powering the time machine is, of course, onboard, along with the various random time machine parts in the rear and the mass of cables that run throughout the exterior. They even installed lighting on some of those cables, allowing it to create the impression that the reactor’s powering up to send the vehicle careening through spacetime.

The Tomy Back to the Future Time Machine comes with a detailed cabin, too, so the seats, dashboard, and lighting elements all stay faithful to its appearance in the film. Not only can it light up both inside and outside to show the car gearing up for time travel, it even emits smoke from the rear fins, so it looks as close as possible to how the vehicle looked in the movie when it was operating. It uses oil-based liquid for the smoke, by the way, so you’ll have it to refill it regularly if you want the full visuals intact.

The die-cast model has free-rolling wheels, so you can pretend the car is driving down the highway, ready to make its way through spacetime, although there’s no onboard steering, so you’ll have to maneuver it around without the wheels actually turning. Construction is largely metal for all the body panels and doors, with plastic only being used for the fins and the various time machine parts under the car.

A Kickstarter campaign is currently running for the Tomy Back to the Future Time Machine. You can reserve one of the limited edition units for pledges starting at $329.

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