TOOB Personal Dome Projection Brings iMAX-Like Video To Your Home


Want to enjoy iMax-like 3D video at home?  Try the TOOB (short for Think Out Of the Box), an omni-directional digital screen that works with home theater projectors to create a unique visual experience.

Created by Alexander McDonnell, the TOOB was born after a brief, unsuccessful search for a dome-like projector that he can install at home.  Instead of letting the idea go, he decided to build one as affordably as possible.  The result is a minimalist setup that can work with any regular home theater projector and, as such, can be connected to all the usual home video sources, including movie players and gaming consoles.

McDonnell’s current inventory consists of 3 x 6 feet half-dome projection screens for home installation and larger 8 x 16 feet inflatable units designed for outdoor use.  Made of plastic, each home unit is large enough to allow a couple of people to sit in front of it, enjoying the unique, immersive experience of wraparound planetarium-like visuals.  The dome includes a specially-shaped 18-inch reflector that takes the projected image and transfers it onto the curved surface.

From playing fast-paced high-definition video games to watching movies with intense realism, the unusual projection panel should easily get it done.  Of course, you’ll have to stand close to fully enjoy the half-dome experience, which makes it more suited to special use, instead of a regular display panel.

The home version of the TOOB currently sells for $1,440, while the outdoor variety is strictly available for rental.  They can be bought or rented bundled with a 720p DLP home projector and a 5.1-channel speaker system.  There’s a one-month wait for all orders (as they’re only built upon purchase).

Photo Credits and more info : TOOB