Tool Dots Will Hang Your Metal Tools Without Using Screws

When you’re hanging something light on a wall, one of those self-adhesive hooks will do.  For heavy-set metal tools, though, those things are just going to fall right down.  These Tool Dots won’t.

Instead of lining your drawers with a DrawerDecor, you can simply get rid of that extra storage space and throw your tools up on the wall.  That way, you don’t only get easy, in-plain-sight access to your Dead-On Annihilator, Double Fisted Sledge Hammer and Beer Defense Tool — they make a nice décor for your garage and workshop, too.

Made by Laboratory 424, the Tool Dots are made up of tiny half-inch dots that will keep metal objects in place using their magnetic powers.  They come with self-adhesive backings for fixing to a wall (or a door or a shelf) and a thin rubber bumper to keep tools from slipping, allowing you to turn any flat surface into a safe magnetized storage area.

Each dot can carry up to half a pound of weight.  If you have something that pulls more than that, like an alien spaceship, simply add more dots to distribute the heft.  You can also hang non-metal tools, such as a measuring stick, by simply gluing a metal washer on it.

And, as a bonus, all the Tool Dots are obscured from sight when your tools are hanging, so you don’t have any eyesores sticking out as you would with regular hooks.  They’re available now in clear, black or white bumpers, with pricing set at $12 for a dozen pieces.

[Laboratory 424]