Tool Logic Survival Card: Wilderness Kit In Your Wallet


Like a Swiss Knife in a flatter, sleeker frame, the Tool Logic Survival Card packs lifesaving features that you’re guaranteed to find handy anytime you’re in the woods.  Unlike a bulky Victorinox piece, however, it fits snugly in your wallet, so you can take it with you all day – ready for those once-in-a-lifetime moments when you get drunk and wake up in the middle of nowhere.

Sporting the same width and length dimensions as a credit card, while only being slightly thicker around the edges at 4 mm, the Tool Logic Survival Card is probably the most compact all-in-one outdoor kit available.  It’s so small, in fact, that you can keep one most any place for emergency purposes – whether you’re out in the wilderness or building a fort with your children around the backyard.

Weighing less than two ounces, it packs an impressive set of tools.  You get a 2-inch AUS 8A-type serrated knife, a magnesium alloy fire starter, a signal whistle, tweezers, a toothpick and a bright red LED flashlight.

Personally, I like to carry a full set of tools when I go on wilderness hikes – can you seriously imagine having to work through a bundle of rope using a 2-inch blade?  Of course, this is a nice backup tool in case your actual implements are unavailable.  The fact that it just fits snugly in your wallet – along with your ATM, credit card and driver’s license – sure makes a compelling case for always having one in tow.  At a $20 price from Thinkgeek, it would be reckless not to have one for emergencies!

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