A Mini-Fridge That Looks Like A Toolbox Is The Perfect Place To Hide All Your Beer


A cold beer is always the perfect companion to a long day of working with tools. Problem is, the trek to the kitchen isn’t exactly short, making the re-up a minor annoyance.   You need a fridge in the garage and there’s absolutely nothing that’s more perfect than this Versonel Toolbox Refrigerator.

Styled to look a regular toolbox, it blends in seamlessly into most workshop and garage settings, with no indication whatsoever that it’s actually part-kitchen appliance designed to chill your drinks. That way, you can hide your supply of booze in an inconspicuous place, minimizing the chances that your brother-in-law can raid it like he always does when he drops by for a visit. The mini-fridge size makes it ideal for the space, too, compared to the overkill that larger garage fridges like the Chillerator would be.


The Versonel Toolbox Refrigerator isn’t just a fridge that looks like a toolbox, it’s actually both. It has three working tool drawers up top and a 1.8-cubic foot fridge at the bottom compartment, giving you a single fixture to house both your workshop gear and break time beverages. Like many tool drawers, it comes with heavy-duty 3-inch swivel casters that lets you haul it around the workshop floor, whether you’re sawing off wood on the workbench, fixing the car, or cleaning a pair of muddy boots by the drain. It measures 18.8 x 17 x 31.8 inches and weighs 77 pounds.

Available in blue and red colors, the Versonel Toolbox Refrigerator is priced at $399.99.

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