Tooletries Hard-Case Toiletry Bag: Finally, A Toolbox-Grade Dopp Kit


It looks like a toolbox. You know, the kind that will keep your tools from taking damage while they sit around the jobsite. Instead of holding wrenches, drivers, and power tools, though, the Tooletries Hard-Case Toiletry Bag is designed to hold your toothbrush, razor, and other hygiene essentials, so they don’t get pressed, squished, and banged around while you go about your day.

That’s right, someone made a dopp kit with a hard shell exterior, so you never have to find a squished toothpaste tube, a flattened bar of soap, or a damaged razor blade again. Granted, that kind of thing doesn’t happen often enough to require a toolbox-like case, but for those who like to prepare against every contingency, we can’t imagine a more suitable toiletry bag.


The Tooletries Hard-Case Toiletry Bag is a burly little case equipped with a thick hard plastic exterior, ensuring you can squeeze it in a packed bag while maintaining its shape the entire time. Granted, the form factor isn’t exactly the most space-efficient, but if you enjoy the novelty of housing all your toiletries inside a ruggedly over-engineered case, then it fills the job requirement perfectly. It pairs the hard outer shell with an over-molded handle grip that’s covered in rubber for a stronger hold even when your hands are wet, along with similarly constructed clips to lock the contents in tightly.


Inside, the case has a silicone netting on either side, so you can separate the contents of the interior into to two distinct sections. That way, you can place the shampoos, soaps, and other liquids in their own sections, away from your toothbrush, shaving razor, and similar objects. Both silicone nettings on either side are removable, by the way, in case you don’t mind having all the contents jumbled together. Hey, sometimes, we enjoy the mess.


The catch? The Tooletries Hard-Case Toiletry Bag is quite small, measuring just 10.2 x 6.5 x 3.5 inches (width x height x depth), with the height including the large handle. That means, you won’t be able to fit a whole load inside, so while this might be suitable for folks who only carry a small amount of toiletry, those who prefer to bring more generous supplies are likely to find it a little lacking.

The Tooletries Hard-Case Toiletry Bag is available now.

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