Dirty Toothy Tabs: Toothpaste In Pill Form

You hate brushing your teeth.  But you do it because you’d rather go through the motions than walk around with rotten teeth and a stinking breath.  Plus, you like to eat toothpaste and there’s no more appropriate chance to do it.  Unless, of course, you use these Dirty Toothy Tabs.

Designed by Helen Ambrosen, the pills are actually tooth-cleaning agents made up of components similar to the regular gel toothpaste you get from a tube (it’s got dicalcium phosphate dihydrate, sodium bicarbonate, cream of tartar, glycerine and other toothpaste staples).  Since they’re tablets, you can pop them in your mouth without people looking at you strange, making it a heck of a lot less embarrassing than brandishing a Colgate tube and eating from it.

Even if feasting on toothpaste isn’t your thing, the Dirty Toothy Tabs should offer a handy alternative to conventional tube-based cleaners.  During outdoor camping, for instance, you can keep it on a pill box in your pocket, which should prove a lot more convenient than cramming a large tube into your already-exploding bag.

To use for brushing, just pop one of the pills in your mouth and crunch them up with your teeth (don’t swallow).  Then, grab a wet toothbrush and begin brushing just like with a traditional paste.

We’re not sure how well the Dirty Toothy Tabs can scrape out all that gross stuff in your mouth.  If it works any good, it could very well be the perfect traveling toothpaste.  Lush has it available, priced at £2.00 for every 9 grams.