Toothpaste Squeezer Leaves No Paste Behind

Wasting stuff specially in these times is just plain stupid. Why throw away a tube of toothpaste when squeezing every last jizz can net you at least a day’s worth of tooth decay protection? Because getting those last shards of paste is damn hard, that’s why. That is, until you equip your bathroom with the Toothpaste Squeezer, a roller-style wall-mounted tool that performs the obsessive-compulsive deed like no other.

Designed for mounting on your bathroom mirror, you simply plug the end of the tube onto the roller and begin spinning it to squeeze any remaining traces of dentrifice towards the front. The result is a highly-compressed container of your favorite toothpaste brand, hanging very accessibly right over the sink. Not only is it economical and space-saving, it makes laying a line of paste down on your toothbrush easy.

The Toothpaste Squeezer is plastic device measuring 81 x 45 x 29 mm and weighing a light 20g. It comes with a suction cup at the top, so you can lick it a wet one and stick on your bathroom mirror. We’re not sure how much weight the suction can stand, but I doubt it will hold up well if you load up an almost-new tub of Colgate. Maybe wait until it’s been used at least halfway.

Of course, the Squeezer can perform its constricting actions on pretty much any tube of paste, so you can use it for other stuff too. Hang it in the garage for the polishing paste, for instance; or in the kitchen, for the wasabi paste; maybe even in the bedroom for the KY, not that you use anything like that. Just saying.

Online retailer Gadget4All has it for $6 a pop. Cheap and useful – always an awesome combination.

[Gadget4All via Inventor Spot]