Top Chef Mobile Tour 2010 Cooking At A City Near You

Freeloaders across the US will get a new chance to indulge in their favorite hobby (mooching), stuffing their face full with gourmet dishes and their pockets with free swag from the Top Chef Mobile Tour 2010. Yep, the TV show where glorified cooks go head-to-head making fancy-sounding grub is going back on the road, visiting cities around the country and distributing samples of their masterful cookery.

According to the Bravo website, this year’s tour will feature a restaurant-style format, complete with tables and seats for lucky cheapskates who want to dine on courses you normally get at more upscale restaurants (or places that try to appear like it, at least). If you’re a fan of any of the aspiring superstar chefs from Season 6, you definitely shouldn’t miss this opportunity, especially since they’ll likely be charging you a pretty penny for the same meals once they really make the big-time.

The 2010 Top Chef Mobile Tour’s itinerary covers 21 cities, including Atlanta, Pittsburgh, New York, Boston, Portland and more (full list and dates available from the website). Lucky fans who manage to register not only score fancy-looking, exotic-tasting food, but also get a chance to meet all six finalists up close, play Top Chef games for prizes and take home tons of free swag.

A few cities are already closed for registration, so better get on the action early while you still can.

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