How To Find Top Five Books About A Subject

When a subject suddenly catches your fancy, it’s not uncommon to turn to the web for more information.  Problem is, it’s usually tough to figure out where the best resources are.  Five Books is a website that seeks to simplify the process, interviewing one renowned expert on each field about the five best books they will recommend to anyone who wants to catch up.

Every day, a list of recommendations from one eminent personality in a specialized industry gets added to the list, potentially making this one of the most critical “top five lists” when it comes to unearthing dependable source materials.  Current topic listings include a varied range, from the top cooking books of all time (by food columnist Nigel Slater) to virtual living (by broadcaster and journalist Alex Krotoski) to the atom (by theoretical physics professor Jim Al-Khalili ) to British Film (by British cinema academic  Brian MacFarlane).

Five Books’ archive is continually growing and should be, on paper, a considerably more trustworthy reference than what you can find on most websites’ recommendation lists.  I mean, how many concise lists of recommended reading can you really find on subjects such as French Egyptomania, ideas about famed economist John Maynard Keynes or hippo conservation.  Really, hippos!

If you’ve been seeking out resources to help you discover new titles for adding to your reading lists, you can check out Five Books from the link below.

[Five Books]