Topeak Alien III CB DX Is An Awesome Swiss Knife For Bicyclists

You always carry an emergency toolkit when you take your car for a spin, so why not do the same when pedal-pushing your way around town?  If you thought there was no place in your bicycle for a quick repair rig, think again with the Topeak Alien III CB DX, a multi-tool for cyclists designed to mount on your ride.

The third iteration of the series, it’s the smallest and lightest of the bunch.  All the tools are clad in stainless steel too, compared to CrMo steel from the previous versions.

Alien III CB DX comes with 25 “pro-quality and hardened” multi-tools, all housed inside a lightweight carbon fiber shell.  Tools come out of both the left and right side of the case, which you can split in half for easier use.   Most of the tools you can imagine needing are onboard, including 2-10mm hex wrenches, torx wrench, box wrenches, spoke wrenches, a cast chromoly chain tool, two chain pin compartments, flat and Phillips screw drivers, tire lever, a stainless steel knife and more.

It measures 3.1 x 1.8 x 1.8 inches and weighs around half a pound, so forget about slipping it on any pocket.  A neoprene bag is included in the case, with a clip for easily mounting under your saddle’s tube.

If Topeak can squeeze a 15mm wrench and a mini-pump in the next version, this multi-tool is probably all you’ll really need for extended bike trips.  In the meantime, you can get the Alien III CB DX from the link below.

[phpzon]Alien III CB Bicycle Folding Tool, 1[/phpzon]