Tornex Table Creates A Mini-Tornado To Suck Up Dirty Air

In Japan (along with many parts of the world), people still smoke pretty regularly inside many public establishments.  Exhausts generally take care of clearing up all the olfactory assault, but those things are no fun.  The Tornex Table, however, sounds like a whole bundle of entertainment.

Designed as a round table with a hole in the middle, the smoke-clearing  apparatus creates an artificial tornado that pulls the pungent air and sends them down to the gaping orifice.  A charcoal filter system sits right under the opening, which proceeds to remove 95% of the smoke and odor before sending the air back into the room.

Despite the name, the Tornex Table actually comprises of more than a table.  Four perforated silver poles stand in the vicinity, with the setup clearing air only within the total area they cover (i.e. they should be in each of the four corners of a room to clean air in the whole space).  The poles are the ones responsible for blowing the air, which they do in the same rotating direction, to create the artificial tornado that sucks dirty air into the table’s vortex.

More impressively, the system can be installed within a designated smoking area of a large room to keep the cigarette stench confined into the space.  Since the poles will push all air towards the center, none of the suffocating smoke will ever make it out beyond the standing rods (no need for other guests to wear a cat face mask), leaving you and all your smoke-happy friends to keep all that carbon monoxide to yourselves.

The Tornex Table was recently on exhibit at the Japan Food Service Equipment Show.  Target market, for now, are the countries around smoking-friendly Asia, with pricing expected at ¥2,500,000 (around $30,000)

[Tornex via Diginfo]