TORO Motor-Head: Motorcycle Fans, Your Decorative Wall Lamp Is Here


Need wall-mounted lighting, love motorcycles? Forget shopping the decorative lighting aisle at the local furniture store and get the Toro Motor-Head instead.

Designed for petrol heads, it’s a lighting unit made using T-bars, headlamps, and other genuine motorcycle parts, making it ideal for garages, man caves, and bachelor pads for men who love their two-wheel steed. Yes, it’s going to look pretty killer in most any living room, too, although we have a feeling motorcycle-averse wives and girlfriends won’t take too kindly to having to stare at one while they binge on a marathon of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.


The TORO doesn’t exactly use the parts the way they’d appear on a motorcycle. Instead, it’s styled to resemble the head of a bull (hence, the name), so it can adorn your walls similar to an animal trophy head. Do note, achieving the silhouette of a bull did require certain parts to be altered and components to be put together in a slightly different way (the handlebar’s facing the wrong way, for instance) — just a warning, in case you’re prone to finding yourself spending an entire night trying to figure out what kind of motorcycle has a headlight that faces the rider. Built inside a local custom motorcycle workshop, it comes with retro-looking parts that give the decorative lighting unit an eye-catching vintage aesthetic.

No pricing is listed, but you can order the TORO Motor-Head directly from their website.

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