Tota Coffee Carrier: For Stylish Errand Boys On The Morning Coffee Run


Don’t you think the unfortunate lackey that ends up getting coffee for your entire department of office miscreants every morning deserve a little break?  After all, carrying all half-a-dozen cups of hot drinks every single day is a tough chore – one that frequently paves the way for stained shirts and second degree burns.  Not to mention, of course, that being an office errand boy doesn’t offer you much in the way of respect.  Spare them the hassle of dirty clothes, burnt skin and style-snobbery by begging the fine folks at Purchasing for several units of the Tota Coffee Carrier, a fashionable-looking piece of utility that’s designed to hold two cups of coffee each, along with packets of sugar and cream on the side.

While the design is certainly nothing new (they used to have cup carriers at my local McDonald’s too), the thick styrene and gray felt materials lend the contraptions an unusual steadiness, ensuring the cups hold in place without fail.  Unlike trays which can prove shaky no matter how carefully you hold it, the  Tota Coffee Carrier is extremely stable.  It holds so securely, in fact, that the manufacturer claims you can hold two Tota Coffee Carriers in each hand (for a total of 8 cups) without having any problems.

Reusable and stylish, the carrier can be held comfortably by the handle and is able to take most any size of coffee cup (unless your local coffee shop has one as large as the soda cups in cinemas, of course).  The downside, however, is your lackey might have to make return trips if more than eight folks ask to get their morning coffee.  I wonder if they can fashion something like this to hold a lot more cups.  Hmm…

The Tota Coffee Carrier is available for worldwide shipping from Ponoko for $12 apiece.

[Ponoko via PorHomme]