Total Body Support Pillow Covers You With Softness

You already forked out for a breeze-blowing roofed bed.  If you want the best sleep, you need the comfiest pillow, too.  The Total Body Support Pillow just might be that sweet bed cushion you’ve been looking for.

Originally created for sufferers of chronic muscular pain and tenderness, the pillows have proven to be so good that it’s now widely recommended for all sorts of folks trying to catch a good night’s sleep.  It gets the job done by providing “optimum support for upper and lower extremities,” all while “maintaining proper spinal alignment” regardless of your sleeping position.

Instead of square bundles of duck downs or foam, the Total Body Support Pillow measures almost 11 feet long. Designed to be folded into a form that will keep you snug in bed, the idea is to twist the pillow into the shape that will best accommodate your preferred sleeping positions, drowning you in softness everywhere you turn.

The pillows are stocked with fusion fiberfill, a hypoallergenic material that becomes even softer and fuller the more you wash it.  That way, you can keep your pillows as clean as you want without ending up with beat-up cushions that can barely support your body.

While designed for sleeping in bed, the Total Body Support Pillow can be employed for other uses, such as sitting on (twist it in an O-shape and use it like a beanbag) or wrapping around your body so you can sleep standing by a wall (hey, it could work).  It’s available from Hammacher Schlemmer, priced at $120.

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