Totem Intelligent Waste Makes Sorting Your Kitchen Garbage Easy


There was a time when we simply mindlessly chucked all our trash in the same bin. Old newspapers? Dump it. Empty bottles? Same thing. Spoiled leftovers? Yep. It was simple. With the rise of recycling (and the need to separate waste in order to properly sort them), the use of a single garbage bin just isn’t something that works anymore for a lot of homes. At least, that’s the case if you’re not using the Totem, a redesigned kitchen bin that makes separating trash just a little easier.

Made by Joseph Joseph, it’s being billed as an “intelligent waste” system that features different compartments for different kinds of trash. More importantly, it does that by occupying the same space in the kitchen that traditional bins would have taken up, giving you extra function without using a greater floor area.


The Totem, which comes in 50- and 60-liter sizes, has a 36-liter compartment for general waste accessible from the top, which should be large enough to handle all the refuse from most home kitchens. It comes with a built-in odor filter on the lid to keep the garbage smell under tolerable levels, along with a four-liter removable caddy for food waste (so you can dispose of the smelly stuff that spoils separately) that you can keep on a raised section of the main compartment. The rest of the space is taken up by a bottom drawer that measures 14 liters and 24 liters on the 50- and 60-liter versions, respectively, with a removable divider in the middle, where you can dump recyclables like bottles, paper cups, and milk cartons. Other features include a smudge-proof stainless steel lid, powder-coated steel for the main body, and a wheeled base for easily moving locations in the kitchen.


Available now, the Joseph Joseph Totem is priced at £175 for the 50-liter version and £199 for the 60-liter unit.

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