Toughbuilt Folding Pull Saw Opens And Closes Like A Butterfly Knife

Pull saws are one of those tools that are nice to have when you regularly do woodworking, as it allows you to make flush cuts in tight situations that would otherwise be difficult with a standard European-style hand saw. Most pull saws you can buy are based on Japanese designs, of course, since that’s where this reverse teeth kind of saw originated. While it still borrows from classic Japanese saws, the Toughbuilt Folding Pull Saw also incorporates a unique form factor that resembles a butterfly knife, making for a pretty unique tool to have in your stash.

Just like a butterfly knife, this saw comes with a handle that splits into two parts, which then fold up to serve as cover for the blade edges. Not only does it cut the effective length into half, it also provides protection for the blade during transport or storage, eliminating the need to use a sheath or some other covering.

The Toughbuilt Folding Pull Saw is based on the ryoba saw, taking on the same rectangular shape and dual edge profile of the popular Japanese pull saw. On one side, it gets a progressive 7 to 10 TPI edge that’s standard for medium-toothed blades, while the other side gets a more fine-toothed 17 TPI edge for making those extra-fine cuts. According to the outfit, the high-carbon steel blade is micro-thin for flexibility, allowing it to bend when needed for creating flush cuts, all while being equipped with hardened teeth that are designed to rip efficiently.

The blade measures 10 inches, so this is a hand saw you can use for more serious tasks, with the handle measuring 14 inches, giving you a whole lot of room for your grip. Seriously, you can grip it with two hands if you want when performing tougher sawing jobs.

The Toughbuilt Folding Pull Saw uses a split handle design with a geared pivoting mechanism that allows each side of the handle to fold inwards when closing and outwards when opening.  A handle lock keeps it in place whether open or closed, ensuring the handle doesn’t accidentally open while in transport or split while in use. The handle is made from triple-injected plastic, by the way, and comes shaped to enable complete command during sawing. According to the outfit, the saw should work for cutting wood, drywall, composites, plastic, stone, and soft metals.

Can you do fancy tricks with it like a butterfly knife? Sadly, no, since the gear is designed strictly for pivoting the split handles inwards and outwards. Still, it is pretty cool pulling out something like this and having people wonder what the heck it is. Then, you pivot the handles into an open position and have people continue to wonder what it is. Yeah, most people just aren’t that familiar with Japanese pull saws. Of course, the long handle and the long blade with the crazy-looking form factor makes it look really cool, though, so you can definitely use it as part of your weapon ensemble if the apocalypse ever comes.

The Toughbuilt Folding Pull Saw is available now, priced at $25.

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