Step Up Your Next Parking Lot Party With Towable Tailgates’ Extreme Tailgater


Tailgating with your pickup truck is fun and all. If you want to turn your patch of the parking lot into a comfortable spot for your family and friends, though, a loaded entertainment center on wheels like the Towable Tailgates Extreme Tailgater will probably work a whole lot better.

The newest model in Towable Tailgates’ line, the rig, pretty much, slaps together every creature comfort imaginable. Seriously, all the popular custom requests and upgrades customers have requested were all included as part of this build, making it the ultimate tailgating trailer when you want to have the best that money can buy.


The Towable Tailgates Extreme Tailgater is a 6 x 12 foot trailer that looks small enough to be towable by any regular car. It has a window on the side that serves as a cabinet for some basic creature comforts that include a 55-inch wall-mounted LED TV and a 1000-watt Sony 5.1 Home Theater System (so you can leave the boombox at home) for watching games on a big screen, along with an HD satellite receiver to ensure you get a clear signal of the ongoing game. The same spot hosts a stainless steel mini fridge for stashing ice, drinks, and food, as well as a microwave oven for quickly heating up packaged grub. All of that, by the way, is powered by 2700-watt portable generator.

A smaller door under that window opens to a slide out system that houses a 100-quart cooler for any ice, drinks, and food that won’t quite fit in the fridge. That door is lockable, by the way, so you can use it as an emergency stash for when people use up all the beer in the mini-fridge (just hide the key in a safe spot). A stainless steel four-burner grill is bundled with the set, so you can cook a good load of burgers, sausages, and other grub in one go.


The Towable Tailgates Extreme Tailgater has an entrance on the rear end that leads to a spacious storage space where you can stash your grill, tables, chairs, and whatever other large supplies you need to bring to the party. Right near the opposite end sits another door that leads to a small bathroom with a toilet and a sink, so you don’t have to fall in line at the nearest portable toilet when nature comes calling. It has built-in fluorescent lighting to make sure your spot is well-lit, with electrical receptacles so everyone can plug in any electronics they need for the night.


Other features include a roof vent to keep air circulating inside the trailer, vinyl flooring, and a spare tire with complete mounting kit. If the setup sounds a little too much for your needs, they also have other tailgating setups that are not quite as tricked out as this one, so you might find those more suited to what you’re looking for. Either way, one of these things should make your tailgating parties a whole lot more fun.

The Towable Tailgates Extreme Tailgater is priced at $17,995.

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