Toy Travel Agency: Because Stuffed Bears Enjoy Seeing The World Too


Everyone needs a break. Even non-living things. At least, that’s according to the Toy Travel Agency, who takes your beloved Barbies, GI Joes and Furbys on tour around the City of Prague in the Czech Republic. Uhhh…

Surreal? You bet. Concocted by 22-year old decorator Marek Hlavka, the idea was pitched to a panel of local businessmen for a reality TV show last month. Oddly enough, he managed to get two investors on board (Tomio Okamura and Dana Berova, a former Czech minister of information technology), allowing the unconventional company to finally get its own feet.


To avail of the service, customers can choose a package from the Toy Travel Agency website and, after paying, send the toy to their office in the Czech Republic. The most basic bundle nets you 30 photographs of the toy visiting various locations around Prague, such as Prague Castle, Old Town Square and Charles Bridge. Pay the most expensive “tour” to get your inanimate friend further pampering, including aromatherapy sessions and Thai massages. All packages include daily communication from your pet to you (well, it’s probably just Marek, of course), telling you how it spent the day.


According to Marek, all toys are welcome, regardless of “nationality, race, religion, sexual preferences, age or handicaps.” Oh my. Makes me want to mutilate and dress up a toy in the most embarrassing manner possible just to see if they’d bite. You know, the kind of retarded refurbishing all those serial killers on Criminal Minds probably did when they were children. Gruesome.

Prices for the Toy Travel Agency range from approximately $122 to $200.

[Toy Traveling via Oddly Enough]