Trace of Time Combines Day-Planner And 24-Hr Clock With Clever Results


If you like using a planner to schedule you day, you might want to look at this more dynamic alternative.  Called the Trace Of Time, it’s a wall clock that integrates a day-planner within the same time-telling face.

Designed by Il-Gu Cha, the  Trace Of Time sports a 24-hour display on a writable surface.  The idea is to pencil in your appointments right next to the corresponding indicator, while the lone hour hand slowly makes its way through the clock.  The rotating arm integrates an eraser right at the bottom of the panel, which removes appointments as soon as their scheduled time has passed.  The clock’s face is made of glass and stainless steel, over which you can scribble notes to help remind you of your upcoming activities over the next 24 hours.

While it’s not perfect (note the half-erased schedule, for instance), it’s a great concept for visualizing an entire day’s activities along with the time.  I’m pretty sure a lot of folks can use this as a basis from which to build upon something that’s a little more useful.

For instance, this would be a great way to implement an electronic day-planning clock.  Instead of having to scribble your to-do for the day, you can punch in scheduled activities in advance and have them displayed electronically at the right date.  How cool would that be for a planning app on a phone?

[Il Gucha via Oh Gizmo]