Track Any Object From Anywhere With The Coin-Sized TrackerPad GPS Sticker


Sure, those Bluetooth stickers are great for finding objects within the immediate vicinity. Once you’re out a certain distance, though, that signal won’t be strong enough to give you the least bit of a clue about an item’s current location. If you really want to make sure you can find lost objects wherever they end up, you’ll need a tracker with a GPS chip and that’s what the TrackerPad brings.

While it’s far from the first GPS tracker in the market, it’s possibly the smallest one you can get your hands on without having access to a spy service, measuring a mere 10 x 10 x 3.8 mm and weighing 1.6 grams. With dimensions roughly the same size as a quarter, it’s both convenient to use and completely discreet, all while providing an especially powerful tool, whether for keeping track of luggage on a trip, monitoring your pets, or just making sure you know where your wallet is at all times.


The TrackerPad has an adhesive backing, so you can simply stick one onto objects to track them full-time via a smartphone app. Each one has a built-in pre-paid SIM card, so you can simply top up a tracker when you want to use it, instead of having to cash out for a service plan, with an onboard battery that can be charged wirelessly by simply placing it on top of the charging bay. Features include fully-waterproof operation, up to seven days of battery life, reusable adhesive backing (just wash it down with water), and a full complement of GPS features like geofencing.


A Kickstarter campaign is currently running for TrackerPad. Pledges to reserve a pair starts at £35.

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