Traeger Timberline Is The Smart, Connected Grill You Never Knew You Needed


Grilling isn’t hard. It is, however, a time-consuming affair that requires you to regularly check on your setup. Not the case if you’re cooking on the Traeger Timberline, a wood-fired grill that’s fitted with modern tech and smarts.

Designed for precision-cooking, the grill can cook any food at exact temperatures that you can set from the integrated control panel. With the lid closed, it can cook consistently at those temperatures, too, with the integrated induction fan evenly distributing smoky flavor and heat all throughout the closed chamber.


The Traeger Timberline comes in two models: one with a grilling area measuring 850 square inches and another with 1,300 square inches. Three levels of racks allow you to cook a good load of food at the same time, with a versatile function that allows you to not just grill and roast your beef and lamb cuts, but smoke, sear, braise, and even bake your mom’s apple pie recipe. Equipped with built-in Wi-Fi, you can set the grill temperature, the probe temperature, and the cooking time directly from an app, so you can get the cooking going even while watching the game on TV. And, yes, you can make adjustments remotely at any time, too.


Features include a built-in meat probe, a hopper that can fit up to 24 pounds of hardwood pellets, and fully-automatic operation (it will handle igniting the hardwood and even shutting down after the time is up). According to Traeger, the induction fan enables it to cook 20 percent faster than comparable grills, ensuring you can start the feast even earlier than usual.

Available now, pricing for the Traeger Timberline starts at $1,699.99.

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