Use The Trailer Valet RVR To Easily Park Your Trailer Into The Tightest Spaces


Driving a camper trailer isn’t easy. However, driving the darn thing is still preferable to parking it in a tight space. Simply put, it’s the kind of task that can make you pull your hair out in frustration. That’s why the Trailer Valet RVR exists.

No, it won’t quite park your Airstream by itself the way a valet would. Instead, this remote controlled device will still require you to park your trailer yourself, except you can now do it while watching the entire thing from a comfortable distance. No more checking the side mirrors multiple times or asking a friend to shout if you’re about to hit something – this thing lets you park your trailer with full view at any position you desire.


The Trailer Valet RVR is a remote-controlled tank (yes, we’re calling it a tank) that measures just 22 x 18 x 12 inches, all while being capable of pushing and pulling up to 9,000 pounds of load. All that power comes courtesy of multiple high-torque planetary gear motors housed inside the compact shell, giving it the ability to control most any model of single- and dual-axle trailers. Don’t need that much power? Not a problem, as it comes in three variants: one capable of controlling up to 3,500 pounds (RVR3), another that can handle 5,500 pounds (RVR5), and the aforementioned 9,000-pound beast (RVR9), so you can get the one that serves your needs best.

Can you park your trailer without looking using this thing? Probably not, since you’ll still have to operate the tank in order to park the trailer correctly. With the remote control capability, though, you can supervise the parking as closely as you need, since you can plainly see corners that would be otherwise be blind if you’re parking it using your car. If you enjoy the challenge of not seeing where you’re parking the trailer, the outfit says, you can operate the tank remotely from up to 40 feet away.

The Trailer Valet RVR comes with heavy-duty tank-like treads, allowing it to maneuver in most any type of terrain. That way, you can use it to park your trailer not just in paved lots and garages, but in gravel, dirt, and most any place you want to call home for the night. A detachable hitch ball at the top of the arm hooks up the tank to your trailer, with two sizes of hitch balls included (2-inch and 2.3125-inch), so you can swap in the right size as needed.

Construction is aluminum for the body, which should help prevent corrosion, all while keeping everything lightweight, so you can carry the darn thing and put it in your trailer’s storage bay after you’ve finished parking. Do note, the actual weight of the device varies per model, with the 3,500-pound variant weighing 45 pounds and the 9,000-pound model tipping the scales at 77 pounds. Yes, the 5,500-pound one sits somewhere in between.

Want one? Pricing for the Trailer Valet RVR is set at $2,100 for the RVR3, $3,400 for the RVR5, and $4,100 for the RVR9.

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