TrailKeg Puts Your Favorite Craft Brew On Tap, So You Can Enjoy Delicious Draft Beer On The Road

If you want to enjoy beers while camping, your best bet is to pack a bunch of cans inside a YETI cooler, throw in a lot of ice, and keep that in the back of your truck. But you’re an absolute beer snob who wants to enjoy craft brews by the glass the same way you enjoy them from your kegerator at home? Maybe ditch the cooler and hit the backcountry with the TrailKeg instead.

A 64oz growler with an integrated tap, it lets you keep a generous supply of beer cold and fresh for an extended period of time. That way, you can enjoy draft beer fresh from the tap even while slumming it in the middle of mountains, rivers, and a multitude of insects. Yeah, why can’t there be less insects?

The TrailKeg is a pressurized growler with vacuum-insulated walls that can keep cold drinks chilled for up to 24 hours and hot drinks warm for up to 12 hours. Yes, we don’t know why we bothered looking up its ability to insulate hot drinks (this thing is for beer, after all), but you can use it for hot coffee and tea, just in case.  It has a detachable tap system on top of the growler that you can use to draw its contents just like from a keg, while an integrated dual-stage CO2 regulator delivers precise and consistent pressure to ensure the drink stays fresh for days on end.

To use, simply remove the cap, pour in the beer from your growler at home, and put the cap back on. Then, insert one of those CO2 cartridges in the regulator to keep the beer pressurized the whole time it sits inside the vessel. Granted, the actual growler will only keep the beer cold for 24 hours, but you can always pack a few of these things, throw them in the cooler with some ice, and enjoy cold draft beer in the wilderness for days.

The TrailKeg uses a dip tube inside where the beverage travels on the way to the tap, ensuring perfectly balanced pours every time you pull down the tap. That means, a beautiful pour that will leave you calm, peaceful, and blissful each time out, instead of stressed out and irritated like you probably were during parts of the day while exploring everything the wilderness has to offer. Like bears. And poisonous plants. And insects. Lots of insects.

It has a custom-designed ball lock connector that is actually compatible with traditional tap systems, so you can hook this up to any tap system you own, in case you want to use the growlers as supplement to kegs during parties at home. While it comes with the elaborate cap (with the whole tap system on it), each growler also includes a regular cap, so you can take it straight to the local brewery to get your orders, then just place the tap system when you’re planning to use it.

The TrailKeg is available now, priced at $149.99.

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