Turn Your Car’s Roof Into A Hammock Platform Using This Kit From TrailNest


Car camping is fun. But when the weather’s clear and the breeze is just right, wouldn’t you rather catch a nap on a hammock instead? That’s exactly what you can do with TrailNest’s Roof Top Hammock Stand, which allows you to chill on a suspended bed right on top of your ride.

Consisting of a pair of arms that attach to your vehicle’s roof rack, the rig lets you quickly add a handy place to tie down a hammock. It folds down and integrates with the rack, too, so you can keep it right on the roof, ready to deploy whenever you get the hankering for a little hammock time.


The TrailNest Roof Top Hammock Stand consists of three components: a pair of stands, a floor (so you don’t damage the roof by standing on it), and a collapsible ladder (to make it easier to climb up). Each pair of stands can install on a single bar of the roof rack, so you can place up to two sets of stands for hanging two hammocks side-by-side. For those afraid of heights, the stand can be removed from the roof rack and set up on the ground instead for more conventional hammock lounging.


Each stand can support up to 250 pounds, so this should hold up even larger individuals. It’s designed to work hammocks 10 feet long or less.

Available now, the TrailNest Roof Top Hammock Stand is priced at $469.

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