TRAMP-It Turns The Ground Into A Neverending Trampoline

TRAMP-It are a pair of trampoline shoes that send you bouncing like you're on a permanent trampoline.

Designed to put a literal spring on your step, the footwear adds a flexible apparatus under the sole, allowing you to bounce with uncharacteristic vertical air.  It's similar to those jumping stilts we've been seeing for quite some time, except there are no stilts to hold on to -- the propelling mechanism is built right into the shoes.

The TRAMP-It works similar to jumping stilts -- the inconspicuous strip at the base compresses and deflects to send you soaring through the air like a kangaroo.   They're adjustable, as well (via switches along the soles), so you can turn off the constant leaping for either a walking or running mode.

Straps and laces allow you to adjust the tightness of the shoes to one that feels most comfortable (available in small, medium and large, they're likely not an exact fit).  While the pictures are decidedly kid-focused, the large size should accommodate most adults (yes, we know you want one).  Plus, they can handle up to 220 lbs., so even moderately out-of-shape grown men can get in on the fun.

Shoes that make you taller, make you jump like a kangaroo and make for good exercise rarely come by.  And while you'll look like an absolute dork coming to the gym with the TRAMP-It in tow, you'll probably have more fun than everyone in spinning class combined.  It's available for pre-order from Firebox, with prices starting at £99.99.

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(via Technabob)