Trampolin Modulus Lets You Create Trampoline Playgrounds

Trampolines are already fun on their own.  The Trampolin Modulus, however, takes it one step further allowing you to build entire playgrounds with connected trampolines for even more fun.

Don’t worry, this isn’t the dangerous kind of trampoline that will send folks crashing their heads into each other when one guy jumps the wrong way.  Since it’s designed for kids as young as four years old, it’s installed right on the ground and acts more like a bouncy mat, so the actual bounce is minimal and easier to control.

The cool part, though, is the ability to combine multiple Trampolin Modulus units to form tracks of bouncy material that serve as a trampoline playground.  They offer 3 basic modules: Modulus Switch (a square), Modulus 60 (a trapezoid with a curved bottom) and the Modulus 90 (a wide trapezoid with a similar curved bottom).  Using the three basic modules, you can form a whole host of shapes, such as circles, loops, 8-figures and more.

Made by longtime trampoline makers SMB Seilspielgerate GmbH Berlin, the innovation is aimed at making trampoline play more feasible for groups of kids, allowing for greater options in what they can do with it.  Since they recommend installing the modules on soil (because, you know, falling on concrete hurts more), the sides facing the ground are galvanized to protect against corrosion.

The Trampolin Modulus received an honorable mention in the 2012 Red Dot Award design competition.  All the panels are listed on their website, although we can’t find details on availability or pricing.

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