Tranquility Pod: Hatch Inside This Egg And Reinvigorate Yourself

Remember when you were little and you’ll hide inside a closet and feel so comfy while encroached in that tight compartment. So comfy, in fact, that you’d sometimes fall asleep and sometimes spend hours on end doing nothing? Turns out things don’t change much when you grow up — except you need a bigger space to fit your grown-man frame. And that’s exactly what this Tranquility Pod offers.

Designed by Alberto Frias, it’s basically a giant egg with a hole where you can crawl up in fetal position and chill out the day away. Just like being back in momma’s womb.

Sporting an ellipsoid shape, the Tranquility Pod can block 90% of all outside noise, giving you a mostly-closed space to find some genuine peace and quiet. Inside, it comes loaded with comfort-inducing gear including a large memory foam cushion laid over a temperature-controlled waterbed, 50 color-changing LEDs scattered along the walls, and integrated 80-watt four-speaker sound system that can produce gentle vibrations throughout the waterbed. But wait, there’s more. You can manually control the lights or if you prefer just sitting back, allow the biofeedback ambient mood lighting system to automatically synchronize it to your heart rate.

Construction is handcrafted fiberglass for the actual pod, with a smooth gel-coat surface for that sci-fi shiny finish. The entire thing measures 78 inches in diameter and 42 inches tall. Oh yeah, it weighs 350 pounds, so forget moving this from the basement to the bedroom whenever you feel like it.

The Tranquility Pod is available from Hammacher Schlemmer, priced at $30,000.

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