Transformer Table 2.0 Can Expand From A Kitchen Console To A 12-Person Dining Table


Few of us have big enough families that we need a large dining table in the house. However, we do need one when guests come over and we need to feed a large dining party. Problem is, it doesn’t make sense having two dining tables, especially a second large one that you’ll need to hide when it’s not being used. The Transformer Table 2.0 offers a solution.

Billed as “the most versatile table you will ever need,” the furniture piece is able to change in size to accommodate anywhere from two to 12 people, making it ideal for limited living spaces. That way, you will have the necessary furniture to accommodate dinner guests as needed, all without having to permanently give up valuable floor space to make room for a giant dining table.


In its smallest configuration, the Transformer Table 2.0 shrinks into a compact table that’s around the size of a kitchen console (18 inches wide), which you can either use for that purpose or as a small dining table for two. From there, it can be expanded and locked to sit two more people at a time, eventually maxing out as a twelve-seat dining table measuring 118 inches wide, which should be enough to accommodate a large dining party. That’s right, it can be set up as a two-, four-, six-, eight, 10-, or 12-seat dining table, allowing you to configure it to the exact size that you need.

How is it able to adjust in size? First, the tabletop is designed to split in half when pulled at on either end, while a sliding ball-bearing rail mechanism underneath keeps both ends connected. From there, you simply lay down additional tabletop panels on top of the rails, making sure to lock the buckles under the tabletop to secure adjacent panels in place. Each panel adds enough space in the table to fit two people, so you get five additional panels to go with the basic two-person table.


Because a long 12-person table probably won’t be all too sturdy on just four legs, the Transformer Table 2.0 comes with two extra legs that are revealed as soon as you split it down in half, providing the necessary support to handle a hefty load of grub, whether you’re serving a quiet lunch for four people or a large dinner for 12. That leg combination can support up to 750 pounds, so you can climb up and use it as a bed, in case that’s necessary.


Construction is 100 hardwood for the frame and tabletop panels, with each panel measuring a full 1.5-inch thick, so this is quite a substantial piece of furnishing. All wooden parts are both waterproof and heatproof, too, so it should be able to handle every nasty thing that happens in your kitchen. It’s available in four finishes: black oak, natural acacia, birch grey, and American walnut. They also sell a similarly transforming bench, in case you need a seating furniture that can accommodate anywhere from two to six people.

A Kickstarter campaign is currently running for the Transformer Table 2.0. You can reserve a unit for pledges starting at CAD $1,369.

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