Transformers Collaborative Jurassic Park Dilophocon & Autobot JP12 Imagines Dinosaurs Evolving Into Cybernetic Creatures

After the events of the Jurassic World trilogy, dinosaurs have found themselves set loose around the world, free to evolve much like the Earth’s myriad of creatures. And if you’re a dinosaur looking to upgrade your species to be powerful enough to survive the next extinction event, what better way to get there than to turn into a cybernetic alien dinosaur? That exactly what happens with the Transformers Collaborative Jurassic Park Dilophocon & Autobot JP12.

That’s right, Hasbro’s newest release in the Transformers line brings the cybernetic aliens to the mad science world of Jurassic Park, giving us a glimpse of a potential future when the Transformers fuse with the earth’s bustling population of cloned prehistoric creatures. Whether you’re a Jurassic Park fan, a Transformers fan, or just a dude who adores the absolute mayhem of franchise crossovers, this looks like a really fun set to pick up for your toy collection.

The Transformers Collaborative Jurassic Park Dilophocon & Autobot JP12 comes with two characters: a Decepticon named Dilophocon and an Autobot called JP12. Dilophocon is the more interesting of the two, as it can transform from a robot into a Dilophosaurus, the venom-spitting carnivorous dinosaur from the old Jurassic Park movie. It’s a great-looking character, both in robot and dinosaur form, with plenty of decorative details, including the signature neck frills whose actual existence in the dinosaur species may or may not be accurate.

They also included a venom blast attachment that you can put in the Dilophosaurus’ mouth whenever it needs to carry out an attack. Sadly, they didn’t include a figure of the unfortunate Dennis Nedry, who fell victim to the venom blast from the original film. The Dilophocon can morph from one form to another in 20 steps, so there should be some interesting mechanical movements to play around with here.

The Autobot JP12, on the other hand, is an erstwhile standard Transformer alien, able to go from robot to the Jeep Wrangler Sahara used as a staff vehicle in the Jurassic Park venue. It’s a detailed vehicle, too, complete with Jurassic Park logo on the sides, so it looks like an official vehicle used around the theme park, as well as functional wheels, so you can have chasing the dinosaur around while it gallops around the jungle. According to the product, it can perform the transformation from one form to another in 23 steps.

Truth be told, we wished they made both of them dinosaurs, so we can have a cybernetic prehistoric showdown in the same scale to Godzilla’s kaiju battles. We get the concept, though, as the Decepticon dinosaur can cause havoc while the Autobot Jurassic Park staff tries its best to stop the onslaught and maintain order.  Aside from the two characters, the set includes a variety of accessories right out of the Jurassic Park films, including a shaving cream canister, an embry containment unit (probably the one that Nedry tried to smuggle out), and a rain hat.

The Transformers Collaborative Jurassic Park Dilophocon & Autobot JP12 is now available for preorder.

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