Transformers x Robosen Megatron G1 Turns the Decepticon Leader Into a Programmable Auto-Morphing Tank

Robosen makes the best Transformer robots. That’s, pretty much, indisputable at this point after the amazing work they did with Optimus Prime and Grimlock. With the leaders of the Autobots and the Dinobots having gotten their own self-morphing robots, respectively, it’s time the commander of the Decepticons get his own in the form of the Transformers x Robosen Megatron G1.

That’s right, Megatron is finally joining Robosen’s line of auto-morphing motorized robot figures, allowing you to have a three-way battle between the leaders of the biggest factions from Cybertron. Like the other two, it’s based on the G1 series, making it an absolute treat for longtime fans who want to see the self-transforming Decepticon of their childhood fantasies finally come to life.

The Transformers x Robosen Megatron G1 is a 20.6-inch tall recreation of the G1 Decepticon, so it’s even taller than the outfit’s Optimus Prime from 2021. They didn’t actually stay faithful to the G1 version where Megatron transformed into a handgun, of all things. Instead, they made him way cooler for this version of the character, which can morph into a badass-looking battle tank all on its own. That’s right, they decided to make Megatron a weapon on wheels and it makes a whole lot more sense than the original handgun.

The robot is equipped with 118 microchips controlling 36 high-precision servo motors that allow it to perform all sorts of movements autonomously, from walking and moving into fighting poses to transforming into a tank and running on its four individually-controlled tank treads. Because the treads are individually-controlled, it’s able to make pivot turns similar to real tanks, so this can maneuver like a real armored battlefield vehicle.

The Transformers x Robosen Megatron G1 is fitted with 112 LED lights across various sections, which are used to give blue and violet accents to the Decepticon leader’s erstwhile metallic silver-gray aesthetic. Naturally, Megatron gets his signature fusion cannon, along with four tank shells, mounted on the right arm, which also serves as his main cannon once he’s in tank mode. Aside from that, he also gets an illuminating Energon Sword (fits in left hand) and an Energon Mace (fits in right hand) as accessory weapons during battles. In case you don’t have an Optimus Prime figure for him to fight, they even threw in a paper target of Optimus Prime for a little shooting practice.

As with previous Robosen robots, this comes with plenty of prerecorded sound effects (including 270 spoken lines), which can be triggered during solo play or multi-play, with the latter available if you have other Robosen Transformers. You can manually control Megatron in both robot and tank mode from the companion app, although it also supports over 50 voice commands. It can also be programmed either via simple block-based programming UI, voice-activated programming (for one-time sequences), a couple of manual programming modes (you manually move the joints and it remembers the sequences), or full-on PC programming, where you can get access to an extensive library of actions and audio files to integrate.

The Transformers x Robosen Megatron G1 is now available for preorder, with shipments slated for the third quarter. Price is $899.

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