Transforming 2Unfold Bag Hugs Your Laptop In Style


Need a more versatile laptop bag?  Take a look at 2Unfold,  an innocent-looking laptop bag that hides a unique ability to transform itself into eight different carrying cases, all while looking like it leaped right out of a magazine fashion spread.

It’s the bag that offers “more than meets the eye” anytime you see it.  Made in Italy with hand-tanned and hand-finished leather, it can shift from one configuration into another in a matter of seconds, allowing you to rock a clutch bag one minute and an urban briefcase the next, without losing any style favors.

The very chic piece sports a cocoa-tan leather panel on one side and Italian cotton canvas on the other, allowing you the flexibility of choosing which look you want to show off to the world.  More importantly, its body can fold in various ways, allowing you to carry it either vertically or horizontally, depending on the configuration.  Folding it will turn out one of eight different styles, including a vertically-oriented urban briefcase, a shoulder bag, a safecase, a rucksack, a courier (either leather or canvas) and a clutch bag (either leather or canvas, as well).

Vertically, the 2Unfold Bag sports inside measurements of 16 x 13 inches, allowing it to fit up to a 17-inch laptop, while it manages up to 13-inch ultraportables when decked horizontally (either as a courier or clutch).   It’s got three zipper pockets, two main outside pockets (with magnets), a laptop-protecting shock-absorbent layer and waterproof lining inside.

Seriously, this thing is more beautiful than the EeePC I like to carry around when I’m running about town.  In fact, it’s more expensive than my netbook at $483.  Aaah, luxury….

[2Unfold via Gizmodo]