Use The Travelteq Double Briefcase To Carry More Stuff While Looking Just As Professional


Sometimes, it’s an ordinary workday, so you pack your laptop, phone, pens, notebooks, and whatever other gear you need to carry out the professional duties of the day. Other times, it’s a slightly different workday, requiring you to bring a change of clothes, a couple thick volumes of technical manuals, or a bunch of extra gadgets along with the regular stash. While swapping in the briefcase for a backpack should work for those times, the Travelteq Double Briefcase will probably make for a more professional-looking option.

Designed to double the volume capacity of a regular portfolio, it’s a jumbo-size briefcase that looks like two attaches stitched together into a single bag. That way, you still look perfectly professional while you stride up to the workplace, visit clients, or flirt unsuccessfully with the receptionist at the new office you’re applying to, all while hauling a lot more stuff to make the most of a super-busy day.


The Travelteq Double Briefcase has two main compartments: one for your work gear (with a laptop sleeve and multiple pouches) and one for all the extra stuff you’re bringing. Since you can use that second space for whatever the heck you want, it’s designed with a completely open layout to fill up any way you please. Want to use it as a camera bag? Could work. A space for your gym clothes? Definitely works. A place to hold all the new Star Wars toys you just bought because you like keeping new toys nearby about a week after you get them? I know, it comes with a tinge of shame, but that shouldn’t be a problem.


Each bag, by the way, is hand-made from vegetable-tanned leather, with two models: one with waterproof nylon accents and an all-leather version. It measures 16 x 12 x 4.7 inches.


Available now, pricing for the Travelteq Double Briefcase starts at €495.

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