Travelteq Trip Case Comes With Chair, Speakers

Want your travel case to do more than carry your luggage for trips?  You might enjoy the crazy take on hybrid functionality in the Travelteq Trip, a rolling suitcase with more versatile ambitions.

It plays the role of being a travel case just fine.  We’re not sure about the actual capacity, but, based on the photo, the container space should be enough to tide you over for a very short business trip.  Plus, there’s a kangaroo compartment (a pocket that opens like a kangaroo pouch), for throwing in laptops, books and other gear requiring quick access.  It looks stable when left to stand and should allow comfortable hauling with an adjustable handle and a pair of wheels, too.

The Travelteq Trip, however, doesn’t stop there.  When you need to rest your feet, the wheels hinge back and the padded top slides forward for use as a makeshift chair.  Want your chairs with a backrest?  No problem, as the handle is designed to serve as one in seating mode.

It comes in two models, with the more expensive Trip Sound version adding onboard speakers and a built-in rechargeable battery (it can be replenished via USB).  Why would you want speakers on a travel case?  We’re not sure, but it could be a good way to drown out the noise in the airport… with more noise.  Do note that the additional electronics further cut into the luggage space.

Those interested in a case/seat/speaker combo can order the Travelteq Sound Trip for €650 (around $850), while the speaker-less Trip version retails for €595 (around $780).