Use The Tre Concrete Tiles To Turn Boring Walls Into 3D Geometric Landscaoes


Putting a new coat of paint or a fresh layer of wallpaper can give your walls a new lease on life. For those who want to turn their walls into stunning focal points in the room, though, these Tre concrete tiles should offer a more interesting solution.

A set of triangular 3D tiles, it lets you transform erstwhile boring walls into elaborate and stunning geometric surfaces. Even better, it’s modular, creating endless possible pattern combinations, giving you plenty of room to achieve any desired aesthetic, from contemporary elegance to outright futuristic architecture. Whether you use them to cover up entire walls or merely serve as accents, these things will give you plenty of decorating options.


Made by Next Ship and KAZA Concrete, Tre consists of five different tile designs available in two levels of thickness. Three of the designs are three-dimensional, making them ideal for turning walls into veritable alien landscapes, while the other two are flat, enabling a dynamic interplay of depth and shadows for your pattern arrangements. Since it’s made from reinforced composite concrete, the tiles should be functional whether inside the house or at the mercy of the elements, allowing you to use them to decorate poolsides and patios.


Each tile measures 21.3 x 18.4 cm (w x h), with a thickness of either 2.6 or 4.1 cm. It’s available in all basic colors, with either matte or glossy finishes.


Learn more about Tre Concrete Tiles directly from the product website.

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