Treadmill Bike Puts Your Jogging Machine On Wheels

As functional as it might have been, last year’s Rollator was admittedly a quirky idea implemented with a lack of polish. The Treadmill Bike, which works much the same way, brings a little more style to go with your part-exercise, part-personal transport machine.

The name says it all: it’s a a bike that’s also a treadmill. Instead of pedaling to put the wheels into motion, you run on the treadmill tracks to get it moving. Yes, just like jogging, except you burden yourself with a large bike that you’ll have to find a place to park.   Insert facepalm here.

Why not just jog instead of taking this thing out? We’re not really sure. Creator Bicycle Forest doesn’t list any speed benefits, but we’ll just assume it will help you get from your house to the corner grocery marginally faster without exerting as much effort compared to making a run for it.

At a glance, it actually looks like a giant scooter and I suspect that you can actually ride it like one. It comes with variable resistance, so you can make it easier or harder on yourself, depending on your current fitness level. The fixed platform is also inclined, which should add just a little more challenge, apart from making it easier for motorists inside vehicles to see you on the road.

Of course, you can always just jog if you’d like to “use a treadmill outdoors.” If you’re up for some weird transport options, though, you can grab a Treadmill Bike for $2,000 (Canadian, which should work out to just under $2,500 in US funds).

[Bike Forest via Gizmag]