Treadwall Is A Treadmill For Rock Climbers

A Blank Slate Hanging Board is great for a pseudo-climbing workout in your home gym.  If you want to step it up a notch, though, it may be time to invest in the Treadwall, a full-fledged climbing trainer.

Made by Brewer’s Ledge, it’s like a treadmill for rock climbers.  Instead of a static wall of rocks like usual indoor climbing equipment, though, it gives you a rotating climbing wall so you can climb as high as you can and never have to worry about coming back down.

The Treadwall comes in two models: the M4 and the M6.  The M4 is the smaller of the two, measuring just 5 x 8 x 10.2 feet (w x l x h), with a climbing area that’s 4 feet wide.  The M6, which is designed for gyms and bigger spaces, measures 9 x 10 x 11 feet, with a climbing area spanning 6 feet wide.  Both can be set up as freestanding machines or installed onto a wall, giving home gym owners plenty of options for placement.

The holds are customizable, so you can make the course as easy or difficult as you’d like.  More advanced climbers can even change the tilt angle (up to -5 degrees for wall-mounted machines and -20 degrees for freestanding) to make the workout a heck of a lot more difficult than a straight-up vertical climb.  Even better, the entire thing rotates off the pressure of your weight (no motor), so it uses up minimal electricity throughout the workout (just for the sensors).

No pricing is detailed for the Treadwall on the website.  You can ask for a quote, though, but expect it somewhere in the upper four or lower five figures.

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