Treasure Wheels Puts Temporary Rollers On Heavy Stuff

Everything is easier to move with wheels.  Unfortunately, a lot of the stuff that need occasional moving in the house — like the couch, the bed and the tall cabinet — don’t have them.  With the Treasure Wheels, that’s not a problem.

A temporary set of wheels that you can attach to stuff, it lets you turn heavy furniture and equipment a heck of a lot more mobile.   The product page recommends it to urban scavengers who like to salvage discarded furniture from street corners, although anyone who sees themselves doing some heavy lifting in the near future should find them extremely useful.

There’s nothing fancy about the Treasure Wheels.  It’s literally just a clamp attached to a bar with two wheels.  Despite the simplicity, its utility is undeniable — pushing something along is a whole lot less stressful than having to lift it, after all.

Whether you’re looking to move vintage desks, giant trunks or drunk friends who passed out in the bathroom, we’re pretty sure you’ll find a way to simplify the process with these in tow.  Sure, you might have to get a little creative finding places to clamp it on at times (we suggest along the ankles of your drunk friend), but a little thinking hurts no one.

As of the moment, the Treasure Wheels has been listed as sold on the Etsy sales page peddling it for $39.  The design looks simple enough, though, that a trip to the local hardware store could net you everything you need to build your own.