Treepee Is A Hanging, Swinging Tent For Kids

Building your kids a tree house can make you feel like the parent of the year.  But, let’s be honest, that’s going to be too much hard work.  Just set up a Treepee in the backyard and they’ll love you like you’re parent of the year all the same.

Combining a tent, a swing, and a trampoline, it gives kids their own private fort that’s suspended a short height off the ground.  It’s designed to rock back and forth across multiple directions when kids start bouncing around on the floor, turning it into a fun swinging ride of sorts (you will have to make sure they remembered to zip up the door, though).

The Treepee is, basically, a tent that’s designed to hang on a tree branch or some other tall structure.  They recommend hanging it at a low height, with the floor no more than 1.5 feet off the ground to avoid injuries from falls, although it can be hung at whatever height you feel confident your kids can handle.  It measures 5 x 5 x 8.5 feet, with enough floor space to accommodate four smaller kids, all jumping around and bumping into each other.   All four corners come with tethers that you can tie to fixed points, in case the kids would rather use the tent as a stationary playroom, rather than a swinging ride.  Construction is UV-repellent, water-resistant, and fire-retardant fabric, with bug nets on the windows to allow air to circulate and inside pockets for storage.

We can’t find any online sources selling the Treepee, but it’s supposed to be available at brick and mortar stores around the UK.

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