Treepod Camper: Finally, A Hanging Tent For Adults


Remember the Treepee, a tent designed to hang on trees in the backyard for your kids to play in? That was awesome. But what about the adults who also want a tent that can hang from trees when they’re slumming it in the backcountry? Turns out, someone’s got you covered with the Treepod Camper.

To the unfamiliar, Treepod is among the many competitors of the Treepee, offering what’s, basically, the same kid-focused hanging tents. This, however, is the adult version of their kiddie tent, so you can enjoy lounging in trees a couple feet of the ground, too, whether you’re in the campgrounds, at the beach, or stuck at home. That means, you can spend the way away from the muddy ground, with its rocks, roots, and little critters.


The Treepod Camper is, basically, a bigger and reinforced version of those kiddie tents, sporting a 54 x 84 inch footprint that can accommodate up to two grown adults inside. Provided, of course, those grown adults don’t have a combined weight of over 500 pounds, at which point someone may have to think about getting back to the gym and losing some of that excess mass. Like the kiddie tents, it’s designed with just a single point of suspension, all while being anchored to the ground via the four corners. It comes with a lightweight but strong aluminum frame and outer walls with high tensile strength.


The Treepod Camper is slated for availability next year, priced at $595.

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