Trek Support Is A Gadget-Charging Backpack

When you’re traveling, charging your multitude of gadgets can be a chore.  Not only will you have to battle fellow connoisseurs of portable electronics for any available outlet, you’ll need to plug your ensemble of handhelds individually.  That is, unless you’ve got your gadgets comfortably tucked in the Trek Support, a gadget-charging rucksack.

Forged by the busy minds of the Quirky crowd, the bag is designed for travel and is 100% checkpoint-friendly.  Not only is it carry-on sized, the interior compartments are designed to provide an unobstructed view of your laptop during X-ray, so TSA won’t have to ask you to take it out of your bag for independent inspection.   According to the product page, all you have to do is unzip the backpack, lay it flat and place it on the conveyor belt, making airport check-ins more convenient than usual.

The Trek Support is a standard-sized backpack made from waterproof rip-stop nylon that can fit most laptops with up to 15-inch  displays.  It has a wraparound clamshell opening for the large main compartment, a removable laptop sleeve, a zippered secondary inner compartment with strapped pockets, a zippered outer pocket for essential documents and two small mesh pockets on the straps.

For charging duties, the bag comes with a detachable gadget dock, which is intended to be housed in the main compartment.  It comes with an integrated battery (so you can have backup power on the road) and four gadget pockets (each one with USB charging nubs available).  Basically, the gadget dock is all you have to plug in to the mains – the rest of the assembly in your bag can simply connect to it to get a fresh hit of juice.

You can preorder the Trek Support from Quirky for $130.  Final price once production pushes through will be $150, with a 1,200 pre-order requirement before manufacturing commences.