This Dining Table Transforms Into A Five-Layer Bookshelf


It looks like any dining table, albeit one with a frame that looks busier than your typical dining room furniture. Turns out, all that extra frame was a necessary element to enable the Urbana Incredible Convertible Dining Table’s impressive transforming function, which allows it to go from table to form different standing shelf configurations.

We know, a shelf that becomes a dining table doesn’t sound like the kind of dining table you will use every day. That’s because it isn’t. Instead, this seems more geared for use as a backup dining table – one that you can equip when you’re having a party in the house, a barbecue in the backyard, or just a bunch more dinner guests than you originally expected.

The Urbana Incredible Convertible Dining Table comes with five separate panels for the tabletop, each of which can serve as one level of shelving when it’s in a standing shelf configuration. To do that, simply loosen the locking screws (turn them counter-clockwise) on the side and pull up the top, then lock the screws again once the shelves are at your desired angle. While the obvious thing to do is a standard vertical shelf, they can also be arranged at a cascading angle, which would make it ideal for holding plants and other oddly-sized objects.

While designed for dining table duties, the convertible design actually does make it seem ideal for other functions. You can, for instance, use it to hold liquor and bartending supplies in shelf form, then use it as a drinking table when your friends come around to watch a game. You can also use it as storage for your board games, then convert it into a gaming table when the family’s up for rolling some dice. Chances are, you’ll find your own uses for it, depending on the kind of activities you frequently do at home.

Created by Trent Austin Design, the Urbana Incredible Convertible Dining Table uses reclaimed wood for the top and metal for the frame, with an industrial styling that looks more suited for backyards and porches than a fancy dining room. As such, we imagine this will be great for keeping next to the grill, although it also makes sense for game rooms, garages, and man caves, giving it plenty of potential uses around the house. Do note, the wood doesn’t appear to have been treated for weatherproofing, which is the why the outfit recommends using it in a covered back porch, rather than an exposed outdoor space.

Dimensions are 60.5 x 42.25 (width x depth) inches for the tabletop, which should be large enough to accommodate seating up to six people. When converted to a vertical shelf, it measures 55 x 42.25 x 24 inches (height x width x depth), so you can use it as a regular storage furniture.

Want one? The Urbana Incredible Convertible Dining Table is available from Wayfair, priced at $899.99.

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