TREX RC Robot Lawn Mower Is Built Like A Tank

Robot lawnmowers aren’t exactly new.  However, we doubt that your Robomower is capable of clearing the grass off the side of a hill or a steep-sloped backyard.  That’s what the TREX  is for.

Made by Evatech, it’s not actually a smart robot that can execute its work autonomously like your Neato or Scooba.  Yep, operation isn’t hands-off, although the radio controls mean you can chill out in the shade while putting the mower to work, which is a heck of a lot more convenient compared to even your favorite push mower.

The TREX, short for Terrestrial Robotic Explorer, is a remote-controlled robot mower  that uses Evatech’s proprietary propulsion technology.  Since it’s designed to mow over uneven and sloped terrains, it doesn’t run on regular wheels — instead, the thing comes with treads and a track drive system, allowing it to traverse your lawn and backyard just like a tank.  It’s a hefty machine, too, at 540 pounds, making for the most aggro-looking robot lawnmower ever.

The cutting blades and drivetrain are powered by a hybrid electric and gas powertrain.  We’re not sure at what speeds it can run, but it looks pretty fast from the videos.  And despite the weight, it can run up slopes at angles of up to 60 degrees.

Unfortunately, the TREX isn’t quite designed for home users.  Unless you live in a mansion with your own camping grounds in the back or something.  As such, price is also fit for a mini-tank: a whopping $30,000.

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