Triby Kitchen Speakers Come With A Magnetic Back For Easily Mounting On The Kitchen Fridge


Have you ever found yourself eating dinner with the family and thinking how much better the food will taste if it was accompanied by a playlist of your favorite music tracks?   If you have, then maybe it’s time to install a wireless speaker in the kitchen. Only problem is, you don’t really have the counter space or shelf room to actually accommodate one. Not a problem with Triby, a wireless speaker with a magnetic back that mounts to your refrigerator door.

Made by Invoxia, it’s a wireless speaker designed to reside in the kitchen, so you can enjoy your favorite music while making breakfast burritos, drip-brewing coffee, or sitting down for dinner. It comes with both Bluetooth for streaming from your phone and WiFi with Spotify Connect support, so you can have music playing while you’re cooking a meal, even while your phone is charging back in the living room.


Triby is a portable speaker with a large, convenient handle up top, so while it’s designed to mount on the fridge door, you can easily pick it up for use anywhere else in the house. For audio, it comes with two custom-made 35mm transductors and a passive radiator for amplifying bass sounds, with Invoxia’s In Vivo Acoustic sound processing tech on board. Aside from playing music, the speaker can also be used to make hands-free calls on your phone (it has four digital mics), as well as function as a communication hub over WiFi via the accompanying app. Features include a 2.9-inch e-paper display, a rubber-covered body to protect it during falls, an integrated FM tuner, and a battery rated for up to a whole month of use before requiring a recharge.


Available now, Triby is priced at $199.

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