TriMount Tidies Up Your Gaming Cameras And Sensors

So, you’ve got an Xbox, a PS3 and a Wii, along with all their control accessories that are supposed to go on top of the TV.  How do you fit them all in without making a mess?  That will be with the TriMount.

Made by DreamGear, the specialty mount provides all the necessary shelf space to set up a Wii Sensor Bar, a PlayStation Eye camera and an Xbox 360 Kinect sensor in an organized manner.   That way, you avoid littering the slim top edge of your living room set with precariously balanced cameras and sensors.

The TriMount is designed to sit on top of flat panel TVs, secured using an integrated adjustable screw.  In case your TV’s bezel is made of gold and you’d rather not sully it, not to worry — the actual mounting part is padded foam, so no damage should come to the set’s sparkly finish.

Now, the assembly with all those three game sensors isn’t exactly neat-looking (it looks like a messy robot).  If you want to retain a sleek look for your home theater rig, you can also use the optional wall mount to perch it right behind the TV.

Even hardcore gamers who spend mornings on the Wii, afternoons on the PS3 and evenings on the Xbox can feel better with an organized gaming setup.  At least, we think so.   And the Dreamgear TriMount should make for a good start.  It won’t be available until August, although you can preorder now for $29.99.