Trinvo Talking Translator Lets You Speak 12 Languages Without Moving Your Lips


Visiting a foreign country, but too lazy to learn the language?  Not a problem.  The Trinvo Talking Translator can take your English thoughts and convert it into any of 12 different languages (Spanish, Russian, German, Dutch, French, Italian, Turkish, Japanese, Portuguese, Arabic, Mandarin and English), allowing you to interact (somewhat) with locals and native speakers, whenever you need to.

The device comes pre-loaded with voice recordings of over 2,500 words and 750 phrases in all 12 languages, allowing you to pick out an appropriate line and have it play on the gadget’s built-in speaker.  While I highly doubt it can manage complicated sentence structures, it should work for basic phrases that you’ll need to survive, from ordering food to finding the nearest bathroom.

Your very own translator-in-a-box, it should save you from plenty of hassle when out in a strange land.  Forget about pulling out a phrase book and struggling through the pronunciation.  Any time you need to spew a line, pull the thing out, push a couple of buttons and be understood.  An onboard 3.5mm jack lets you plug in a pair of headphones for private study, in case you suddenly develop an overwhelming interest  in learning the phrases yourself.

Apart from the translation talents, the pocketable gadget doesn’t look too shabby either, sporting smooth lines and stylish button layout, complete with a clickwheel-like control.  It also includes sightseeing information, a couple of useful converters (metric, currency and a few others) and some word-based games.  The Trinvo Talking Translator is currently available for approximately $58.

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