Eco-Friendly Jeans Clean By Freezing, Instead Of Washing


Do you barely wash your denim trousers as it is? Well, with this upcoming line of freeze-cleaned jeans, though, you won’t ever have to do the laundromat dance to wear a clean pair of pants again.  Awesome for you and awesome for everyone’s nose around you also.

Created by Brazilian fashion label Tristar, the new jeans won’t ever need to be washed for sanitary reasons.  Instead, all you have to do to kill those nasty smells and bacteria is to put the pants inside a cloth bag, then toss them into a freezer for 24 hours.  Easy.

Since it eliminates washing machines, detergent and water, the jeans are going to be marketed as an eco-friendly alternative to regular denim pants.  Tristar, in fact, is working hard to make sure it fits the bill, too, using organic cotton for the material and following sustainable practices throughout the production lifecycle.  Even the cotton is reportedly grown on a plantation that uses no water or pesticides.

The wash-free property is a little misleading, though.  While freezing will kill off bacteria, it won’t remove the coffee stains you accidentally poured this morning or that spaghetti sauce from one week ago.  You’ll have to go through the normal channels for that one.  According to owner Jandira Barone, that’s not a problem, adding that “consumers buy pants frayed, ripped and stained” anyway.  Only this time, of course, you stain it yourself.  Uhmmm…dirty, dirty jeans anyone?

As an added benefit, the repeated thawing of the jeans are supposed to help soften the fibers, allowing them to fit even better.  That means they won’t just be greener than your usual pair of blues, they should wear more stylishly too.  No word on when the freeze-cleaned jeans will debut,  but price is being pegged at $150 a pair.

[via Treehugger]