Triton 6600/2 Personal Sub Can Dive To 6,600 Feet Deep


There are plenty of personal submarines that you can load on a yacht and deploy for enjoying the view under the ocean. So far, though, none we’ve seen can explore the same depths as the Triton 6600/2, which lets you enjoy the ocean views at depths of up to 6,600 feet.

Built by Triton Submarines, the sub incorporates the thickest transparent acrylic hull in any vehicle of its kind, allowing it to withstand pressure at depths of over a mile. We’re not entirely sure if that’s deep enough to let you find Atlantis or whatever patch of earth mermaids call home, but short of commandeering a military sub, we’re guessing it’s probably your best bet.


The Triton 6600/2 can fit two passengers inside that extra-thick yet optically-perfect hull, letting folks cruise underwater at speeds of up to 3.5 mph (three knots). It takes around an hour to go from the surface to the maximum depth, with the tank holding enough juice to keep it running for stretches of 10 hours at a time. Once you’re back on the yacht, just load it up with a fresh batch of fuel and go back in, with the onboard oxygen supply coming with 96 hours’ worth on the tank.

Features include air-conditioning to keep you comfortable in the cabin, six 20,000-lumen lights, and a total payload capability of 550 pounds. It measures 13 x 11 x 7 feet and weighs 17,640 pounds.

Available now, the Triton 6600/2 is priced at $5.5 million.

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